June 2017:

Internal Auditor Magazine 

by IIA Global

Internal Auditor is the world's leading publication covering the internal audit profession.  Internal Auditor magazine shares timely, helpful — indispensable — information for professionals who want to keep pace with the diverse, dynamic field of internal auditing. 

The June issue focuses on Public sector auditors facing intimidation, isolation, retaliation, suspension — even termination — just for doing their job.


As businesses strive to find opportunities in a

world driven by technological transformation,

internal auditors need to continually innovate. BY


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Culture audits can  help practitioners gain insight into the causes  of poor organisational behavior. BY JAMES ROTH

About This Issue

Adopting six traits can enable internal audit  functions to become more agile in the face of change. BY JASON PETT, MARK KRISTALL, and  DEBORAH MACK

The Innovative Internal Auditor

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How to Audit Culture

Opportunity from Disruption

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